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Testimonials from satisfied customers often highlight the remarkable impact of Neuro Vision Specialist in addressing visual processing challenges. Neuro Vision Specialist plays a crucial role in assisting individuals, who experience difficulties with tasks like reading, recognizing colors, or comprehending visual information. Neuro Vision Specialist interventions and services lead to significant improvements in patients’ quality of life, as evidenced by the positive feedback and success stories shared by those who have benefited from their expertise.


The vision specialist at Neuro Vision Specialist demonstrated exceptional skill and accuracy in diagnosing our child's vision disorder. Their thorough assessment and personalized approach were instrumental in identifying the specific issues that were impacting our child's daily life and learning abilities. We were deeply impressed by their professionalism and the comprehensive care they provided. We highly recommend Neuro Vision Specialist to any parents who suspect their child might be struggling with vision-related problems that could be hindering their academic performance and overall well-being. Their expertise in this field is truly remarkable and can make a significant difference in a child's life.

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Wan Chun Hung

My daughter was feeling dizzy and sick all the time, headaches and exhausted after school. Her coordination was off as well. Always bright but her school performance was not matching her capabilities. We had taken her to eye doctors both in Malaysia and the USA and no one mentioned any problems. When she fell out of her chair in class, I knew something was wrong. I suspected it had to do with her one nearsighted eye. We are immensely grateful to Neuro Vision Specialist for their expert care and support in addressing her unique needs.

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Sunny Darley Blaylock

My son was diagnosed with Lazy Eye at the age of 9, nearly 10. Both the paediatric ophthalmologist and the optometrist that examined his vision told me that he would likely have to live with this condition and that he was too old to be a candidate for much improvement. His vision was 20/160 and was unable to perceive any 3D at that time. We then turned to Stanley and his team at Neuro Vision Specialist to train my son's vision. Less than a year later his vision had improved to 20/80 and binocular vision improved with the ablity to see in 3D to some extent. His visual accommodation had also improved.
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Lisa Tan


Reclaiming Clarity: Journey with Neuro Vision Therapy

Andria shares her testimony about Neuro Vision Therapy. She suffered from brain fog, dizziness, and headaches triggered by screen exposure. Discovering the therapy through the Concussion Alliance, she found professionals in Vietnam to treat her brain injury-related issues.

Andria praises the therapy’s effectiveness and immediate results. Her symptoms have improved significantly, enabling her to handle screen time and crowded places without issues. She likens the therapy to physical therapy for the eyes and brain, emphasizing the need for relearning after injury.

She encourages others to try Vision Rehab, describing it as an experience that must be tried to be understood. She also highlights her positive experience with both virtual and in-person therapy sessions.



Navigating Vision Challenges: A Parent’s Perspective on Specialized Vision Therapy

Ashton’s father shared their journey of initially encountering vision problems with Ashton and seeking help from regular optometrists who couldn’t provide a solution, ruling out surgery as an option. They were then recommended to a specialist in Washington DC who offered vision therapy to address Ashton’s reading difficulties, eye alignment issues, and depth perception challenges.

After relocating to Malaysia, they were fortunate to continue the therapy with Neuro Vision Specialist in Kuala Lumpur. Over the course of a year and a half, they witnessed significant improvements in Ashton’s eye alignment, reading ability, and sports performance. Ashton’s father encourages parents to take advantage of specialized vision therapy services, emphasizing the positive impact it can have on a child’s self-esteem and overall well-being.

Ashton's Father


Unlocking Color Vision: A Success Story with Syntonic Light Therapy

Jody shared her experience with Neuro Vision Specialist regarding her daughter’s difficulty in processing visual information, specifically with colors. Her daughter couldn’t see certain colors without using special white or transparent lenses. Stanley recommended syntonic light therapy, which they started seven weeks ago.

They diligently followed the therapy regimen, starting with 10 minutes a day and increasing it to 20 minutes. Last week, they noticed that it was starting to work, and her daughter could distinguish colors. Today, they have seen significant results, and they are very pleased with the change.

Jody would recommend this therapy to anyone whose children are facing similar processing issues. She also mentioned that some people might be skeptical about eye therapy involving staring at colored lights for extended periods, but they believe in keeping an open mind, especially with advancing technology. They trust Neural Vision Specialist recommendations and are very happy with the results.



Empowering Progress: Virtual Vision Therapy Journey

Haqim’s mother shared feedback about their experience with the Neuro Vision Specialist. During the pendamic, they couldn’t travel back and forth to Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, they started virtual sessions with him, occurring every half an hour twice a week.

Over the course of a year and a half of therapy with Neuro Vision Specialist, they observed significant improvements in Haqim’s studies, attention, focus, and confidence. His teachers also noticed positive changes in his performance and behavior, especially in his approach to questions and problem-solving. Haqim’s math scores improved significantly, and he became more proactive in trying to explain things using an expanded vocabulary. Overall, Haqim’s family found the consistent virtual therapy sessions to be highly beneficial for his development.

Haqim's mother


From Dizzying Despair to Crystal Clear Vision: Mr. Khoo’s Triumph with Neuro Vision Specialist

Mr. Khoo shared his experience regarding his symptoms, which included severe headaches, dizziness, and visual disturbances. These symptoms significantly impacted his daily life, making him feel constantly dizzy and disoriented, similar to the sensation of being drunk. He had sought medical help from various doctors, but they couldn’t identify the problem and suggested it might be a mental health issue. However, Neuro Vision Specialist correctly diagnosed him with a neural optometric issue and prescribed special lenses. After following NVS treatment plan, Mr. Khoo experienced a reduction in dizziness, a return to normal visual perception without “Starbursts,” and improved overall well-being. He emphasized the importance of consulting Neuro Vision Specialist for similar symptoms, especially if conventional medical approaches don’t provide answers.

Mr. Khoo


Enhancing Spatial Awareness and Communication: A Neuro Vision Therapy Success Story for Autism

Zairin and his mother shared their positive experience with the Neuro Vision Specialist. Zairin was diagnosed with autism due to isolation and related behaviors. After using ambient lenses, his spatial awareness improved, and his gait became more typical. Vision therapy helped him pronounce words phonetically and express himself better, reducing delays. Specific behaviors associated with autism also decreased. Zairin’s mother encourages other parents to explore vision therapy as a logical and effective treatment modality for children with autism.