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Appointment Policy

Reservation Guidelines

Neuro-Developmental Vision Evaluation (NDVE)

Our Neuro-Developmental Vision Evaluation (NDVE) offers a comprehensive assessment surpassing the scope of a standard eye exam. The duration typically ranges from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the patient’s age and responsiveness. We prioritize a swift and enjoyable experience for our young patients, conducting the evaluation one-on-one with our skilled vision specialist and therapist. Parents are kindly requested to wait in our reception area during the testing.

Consultation and Evaluation Results

After the evaluation, we calculate the scores and schedule a separate consultation with our Behavioral & Developmental Optometrist. During this session, patients and/or parents will receive the results and discuss available treatment options.

In rare cases where the evaluation may take longer due to issue complexity, our vision specialist will provide a detailed explanation.

Appointment Guidelines

Given the substantial time required for these appointments, we highly appreciate your cooperation with our appointment policy, especially regarding missed appointments and last-minute cancellations. When scheduling, please ensure there are no conflicts with other appointments on that day. We require a 48-hour notice for appointment cancellations to accommodate other waiting-list patients. A RM100 charge will apply for patient no-shows or cancellations made less than 48 hours before the appointment, which is the responsibility of the patient, parent, or guardian.

Payment Policy

To secure your appointment, which typically lasts 40-90 minutes with our Vision Specialist & Therapist, a 50% payment of the total fee (RM100 for Follow-Up Evaluation) is necessary. Payment options include PayPal or local bank transfer, and we will provide payment information once your appointment time is confirmed.

Preparing Your Child for the Evaluation

Reassure your child that there are no right or wrong answers and no injections involved in the evaluation. Ensure they are well-fed, preferably with a meal containing protein and vegetables before the assessment. Also, ensure your child gets a good night’s sleep.

Children Accompanying the Patient

To maintain focus and minimize distractions during the evaluation, we kindly request that you do not bring additional children to the appointment.

During the Evaluation

For the safety of our patients, parents are asked to wait outside during evaluations and neuro vision therapy sessions. This precaution reduces the risk of flu transmission, particularly among young patients. While you may briefly observe some assessments, please wear a mask throughout the process. Complete observation may not be possible; however, for children under 4 or those with special needs or brain injuries, one parent may accompany them during the evaluation.

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment is to deliver the best care for excellent results. The field of Neuro-Optometric Vision Rehabilitation is continuously evolving, with new research and information emerging regularly. To ensure the highest level of care, our Vision Specialist attends international continuing education classes, presents cases, and shares ideas. Our vision therapists also receive ongoing training.

Special Appointment Arrangements

Please note that Mr. Stanley specializes in treating special populations and brain injury patients. Our team of vision specialists is well-trained under his guidance, with Mr. Stanley reviewing all cases. If you or a family member wish to have a consultation directly with Mr. Stanley, please be aware that an additional fee will apply due to special arrangements.