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Understanding Achromatopsia (ACHM)

Achromatopsia (ACHM) means total color blindness. It’s a genetic condition that impacts the cones in our retina, which help us see clearly in daylight. ACHM happens because of changes in one of six genes in cone cells. These changes make the cones stop working and break down over time. This often starts at birth or in early childhood. People with ACHM have blurry vision, can’t see colors, are sensitive to light, and their eyes move in ways they can’t control.

Specialized Lenses for Achromatopsia and Day Blindness

We offer special lenses made for Achromatopsia and Hemeralopia (Day Blindness). They help a lot with extreme light and glare sensitivity.

Consultation with Our Specialized Optometrist

To achieve the best possible outcome, scheduling an appointment to consult with our Optometrist specializing in this area is necessary.

Conquering Extreme Light Sensitivity

Regular room light makes her squint, but with these special lenses for day blindness, she can comfortably keep her eyes open, even in bright light.


Adult Vt To Correct Strabismus And Surgery

Adult Vt To Correct Strabismus And Surgery

Born with strabismus, the author had several surgeries as a child that initially improved their condition. However, during adolescence, their eye turn worsened due to stress and affected their self-esteem. A botched surgery in adulthood further worsened their condition, causing double vision and limited eye movement. After discovering Vision Therapy, they began treatment which was initially slow but eventually led to significant improvements. The author wishes they had been taught resilience, self-worth, and trust in non-invasive healing methods earlier in life. They are grateful for the support from professionals and communities dealing with similar challenges.

Is it possible for me to use the eyeglass prescription and get the lenses produced by an external supplier?

Is it possible for me to use the eyeglass prescription and get the lenses produced by an external supplier?

Avoid other optical store for our prescription to assure the precision of our functional glasses.
While basic prescriptions are accommodated, the majority involve a visual functional treatment perspective. Our founder specializes in four areas, ensuring lens manufacturers grasp our treatment-focused approach. Our goal is to resolve underlying visual issues, emphasizing quality treatment beyond clarity.